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Locked By Interpol Department of Cybercrime Virus? – Ransomware Manual Removal

Description of Interpol Department of Cybercrime Virus:

Interpol Department of Cybercrime Virus is defined as a dangerous Ransomware that invades your computer when you’ve visited malicious contents unwarily. The virus spreads very widely from country to country with different names such as FBI Moneypak malware/ virusSGAE virus and so on. Such a Ransomware displays a severe pop-up alert telling that your computer is locked by the local office. This computer locked warning claims that you’ve visited harmful websites, spam emails or terroristic information on purpose. No matter what further convincing information is put on the alert interface, please don’t trust the Ransomware. The warning message is just a scam to trick you into paying for a fine to unlock your computer. Even if you pay such an amount of money, your computer still gets locked tightly. As the Ransomware is nothing helpful but a malicious virus that targets your computer on purpose. Thus, it is high time for you to remove the hazardous virus from your computer before you pay your hard earned money in vain.
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